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Rintaro Washio

Let me just start by saying that if you don’t want to ruin your life and go through everything with Washio only to get NOTHING because the bad ending SUCKS, I really recommend sticking to the walkthrough. I got ONE answer wrong the second time I went through, trying to prepare this walkthrough, and I didn’t realize that would doom me to the bad ending AGAIN. So, be careful, because seeing that ending once sucks but seeing it twice… >.<

Unlike Keito’s tsundere, Rintaro’s more than a little bit cold and it takes him a long time to warm up to your character. And, when he does, he comes off more than a little sadistic about it, and he likes to play with your character’s emotions. Of course, when he decides to get serious, he doesn’t waste any time doing so, either.

Anyway, Rintaro’s a good bit cold at first and he enjoys teasing and harassing your character simply because you’re more into him than he, initially, is into you. He’s not looking for love or romance and he’s just looking for a wife to bring to his university events so his bosses and coworkers will stop trying to set him up on a blind date. He wants a partner but not a romantic one, and he even admits it’s quite possible that he doesn’t actually know or understand love.

It takes him awhile to figure that sort of thing out, to realize that he can’t just not try love and still have a real relationship. Even then, he’s a bit stiff but he does try. He does get rather cute when he’s all awkward, trying to give you what you want but afraid he’ll mess up and fail. Heh.

Here’s the walkthrough:

Chapter 1

* Try to quit

* I keep schedule.

Chapter 2

* Koume, let’s go.

* It is what it is.

Chapter 3

* Let’s pick fruit.

* Work done?

Chapter 4

* The pool.

* Not funny.

Chapter 5

* The stars.

* Put up with it.

Chapter 6

* Okay.

* Dessert, please.

Chapter 7

* They deserved it.

* You’re so kind.

Chapter 8

* Yes, definitely.

* Happy?

Chapter 9

* Yes, thank you

* Can’t leave you.

Chapter 10

* I was worried.

* Slap him.

Chapter 11

* I’ll miss you.

Chapter 12

* Yes.

12:13 - 10%
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