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Ginnosuke Oguri


Oh my god. My feels were seriously just all over the place with this guy and his route! He’s got Mirai’s smirk, Morgan’s flirtatiousness, Satsuki’s charm, Kiyoto’s arrogance, Kunihiko’s painful past and Christopher’s self-sacrificing streak, all rolled into one very cute, tidy little package.

And his route had some painful feels from both Ebihara and Koichi’s end, not to mention from his own. 17 chapters of feels and pains.

But I really enjoyed his route—no spoilers but he really does try his best to support you and love you and let you be happy, no matter what it might cost him in the end. And his good ending…oh, it’s so cute and charming in its own little way and I love how both the MC and Ginnosuke grew together. (I just wished she’d stop calling him by his last name…booo!)

Here’s the walkthrough:

Chapter 1:

* I can’t just decide to leave him that easily.

* I get the feeling you’re making fun of me.

Chapter 2:

* I know, but…

* I came for work.

Chapter 3:

* That doesn’t make me happy.

* Sorry…

Chapter 4:

* Is that what you thought?

* Yes, I am a pretty terrible wife.

Chapter 5:

* You were mean at first.

* How embarrassing.

Chapter 6:

* I can’t imagine it.

* I’m sure they’ll like them.

Chapter 7:

* I’m surprised you didn’t get fat.

* Again with these jokes!

Chapter 8:

* Don’t be so selfish.

* My pride won’t let me pity you.

Chapter 9:

* I’m not pushing myself.

* I’m not crying.

Chapter 10:

* I’m not jealous but…

* But you drew very good luck…

Chapter 11:

* Sorry.

* We’re fine now.

Chapter 12:

* “I don’t want anything to do with you..”

* It’s you who doesn’t know anything!

Chapter 13:

* Help Mr. Oguri.

* Really?

Chapter 14:

* I’m fine.

* I was playing around, too.

Chapter 15

* Talk to him.

* Ask about the charm.

Chapter 16

* What about some other time?

* What do I have to resent you for?

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