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My name is Anya and I'm an otome addict.

If you're one, too, welcome! You've come to the right place. If you're not...well, I suggest you quickly hit the back button and run far, far away, lest we convert you to our side with CGs of highly attractive, highly unrealistic pixel anime men.

Here's where you'll find walkthroughs for otome games, CGs, screenshots, reviews, new releases, etc. Please note that I am just a fan, however, and I do these on my own time so I post as quickly as I'm able to and I buy new games/characters when I'm able to afford to--and that this page will definitely contain "spoilers" so keep that in mind.

In which Prince Jun believes himself to be an expert on baby-making and proceeds to give his own baby-making advice to the MC.

Is anyone else scared?

14:10 - 85%
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